Daily Specail
  Monday-Friday, Dining in only.  
  Included Soup of the day, Hong Kong Style Milk Tea or House coffee  
  Monday A: Sauteed Bitter Melon with Fish over Rice  
  B: Pak Choy & Fish Udon Soup  
  Tuesday A: Sauteed Beef withh Satayt Sauce over Rice  
  B: Chicken & Corn over Rice  
  Wednesday A: Stir-Fried Udon w/Beef in XO Sauce  
  B: Beef Chow Fun in Satay Sauce w/Gravy  
  Thursday A: Sauteed Roasted Pork & Green Bean over Rice  
  B: Minced Beef and Preserved Vegetable Udon Soup  
  Friday A: Singapore Style Chow Fun  
  B: Pan Fried Eggs w/BBQ Pork & Preserved Vegetable on Rice  
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Porridge King Restaurant
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